This story about a fan approaching Brock Lesnar for a photo pisses me off

Wrestlers are no different than other celebrities.

They have their good and bad days. But this isn’t even a bad day. This is just an odd situation made worse.

Brock Lesnar was traveling with his wife, former WWE Diva Sable, last week when he was approached at the Orlando Airport by a fan. The fan wanted to take a photo with “The Beast Incarnate.”

Here’s exactly what happened, according to the fan’s wife. She was recording the entire conversation from afar.

“Saori went up to Brock and ask if he was Brock Lesnar… Brock first didn’t hear her until Sable said to Brock” I think she is talking to you”, then Brock turn around and looked at Saori and asked “How are you?”, Saori said fine and she ask him”Are you Brock Lesnar?” He said “Yes” and then she ask “Can i take a picture with you?” And he said “No, not today”, Saori then said thank you and walked away … .. I told Saori it was ok … No worries .. -It was still cool to see him and see my wife talk to Brock.”

Alright, so, Brock was cool about it and didn’t want to pose for a photo. That’s well within his rights. So what do these clown shoes do? Post the damn video of Lesnar saying no. I’m almost positive that by saying “no” to the photo that the “no” was to any and all forms of photography, video, rough sketching or any other way of visually documenting the moment.

I’m sure this wasn’t even a Brock Lesnar thing but more of a WWE executives coming down on wrestlers for the way they handle themselves in public.  These guys have to be “in character” almost 100% of the time. Case in point is this case in point — Seth Rollins carrying his Money In The Bank briefcase in public. Lesnar has to act like the man who is going to “kill” John Cena every moment he’s in public. Smiling for a photo that gets posted to this guy’s Twitter for 32 people to see doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of WWE TV.

Lesnar was traveling with his family. Leave the guy alone. You asked nicely, he said no, just keep it all as a cool story to tell.

[via WrestlingInc]

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