Bros, Hide Your Stash: Woman Thrown In Jail For A Month For Possession Of SpaghettiO’s



Listen up bros, if you’re reading this and you’re holding then I suggest you go hide your stash. Heaven forbid the cops find your stash of SpaghettiO’s and you spend a month in jail like this woman in Georgia.

So the details here are rather confusing, because all of the commenters are claiming it went down in Gainesville, Georgia, but the story itself is reporting that the incident took place in…YOU GUESSED IT, FLORIDA.

A Florida woman was pulled over and thrown in jail for over A MONTH after police found a spoon containing some weird residue, and assume it was meth, and not in fact the SpaghettiO’s that she vehemently claimed it to be.

KRON4 News has the details:

A Florida woman may pursue legal action against police and prosecutors after she spent more than a month in jail for possession of SpaghettiOs.

Police say they arrested 23-year old Ashley Gabrielle Huff after they found a spoon covered with a suspicious residue inside the car she was riding in.

From the beginning Huff insisted that she wasn’t using, selling, or making methamphetamines.
The woman spent more than a month in jail while her attorney tried to arrange a plea bargain. That’s when the crime lab report came back confirming the spoon was encrusted with spaghetti sauce.
She was then released from custody.

Police say they were acting in good faith. Huff may now pursue legal action against the police departments, the jails, and the D.A.’s office for malicious prosecution and unlawful arrest.

What’s completely chafing my starfish here is that the report only claims that she might pursue legal action. How in the hell would you not go after the department and every jackass involved for putting you behind bars for possession of SpaghettiO’s?!?!? And if you’re SpaghettiO’s, do you swoop in to cover her legal costs for the quick and easy PR? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS!

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