Budweiser wants you to name their new pony

Budweiser joined Twitter yesterday, and they appear to already know what the internet loves. Their first tweet was a picture of a baby horse.


While they may have realized that we the digital public love pictures of animals, Bud has yet to realize that we can’t be trusted. They made the mistake of enlisting genpop to help name their newest Clydesdale foal. Luckily they didn’t make it an actual vote because 4chan, Reddit, or the 9Gag army likely would have gone to town on the contest. The last thing we need is a horse named Maximus Glue Brony.

The early front-runner appears to be Stanley in tribute to STL great Stan Musial. There have also been plenty of plays on beer, such as Hops, Brewster, and Buddy. Not every suggestion has been as reasonable.

  • Babe: We can all agree that’s a pig’s name.
  • Chili: Is that a horse meat joke?
  • Sandy Hope: I don’t know if you’re an idiot or an asshole.
  • Tiny: It’s a horse, not an ironic large black man.
  • Pretty Princess: Go back to your wine coolers.
  • Nemo: That’s a fish. What’s wrong with you people? Watch a goddamn movie.
  • Shitbeer: Don’t take your disdain out on the animal, you heathen.
  • Sarah Jessica: OK, this one’s actually good.

But the winner of greatest name suggested as of 8:15 last night goes to Bottoms Up.