Burger King answers our prayers, sells Burgers for Breakfast

No longer shall we be forced suffer the tyranny of clocks over our burger eating habit. Burger King is taking their “have it your way” motto a step further by letting us eat Burgers for Breakfast.

Burger King

Burger King just announced their new Burgers for Breakfast program which will make an array of burgers available for, you guessed it, breakfast. This isn’t just the Whopper either.

Participating stores are required to carry a minimum menu to be part of the program. That includes jr., single, and double, Whoppers; the knock-off Big Mac, Big King; single and double cheeseburgers (plus bacon!); the Original Chicken Sandwich that I’m pretty sure no one orders; french fries; and a warm apple pie.

I love French Toast Sticks just as much as 7-year-old me did, but sometimes you just need a big juicy Burger for Breakfast. Thankfully someone finally remembered that’s our right as Americans. Let WacArnold’s and everyone else figure out how to sling sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits for dinner. I’ll take a real meal over that any day.

5000 stores are currently on board for the new gateway to happiness, and I have no doubt the rest will fall in line when they see just how many Bacon Double Cheeseburgers I can eat at 9am.