Bars in Seoul, South Korea, offer free refills on beer!

I always wanted to visit Seoul, but now I’m packing my shit and moving to South Korea. The city is home to bars offering free refills on beer and alcohol.


When I first arrived in Chicago over seven years ago, I was amazed that there were bars that offer $15 all-yo-can-drink beer for three hours. Had they not heard of me? Did they not like money? As it turns out, the drink packages are just ways to skirt a ridiculous law, and they count on some people not drinking their fair share in order to turn a profit. My mind was blown again when I discovered that there are places in Seoul that offer unlimited free refills, which sounds much cooler, for even cheaper than that.

Hopefully, you’ll be surprised by the better-than-expected interior along with the inexpensive anju (안주). But who are you kidding. The only reason you’re reading this is because you want to find a cheap place to go drinking in Seoul. And this place has got what you want: free refills for draft beers (8,000 won/person) and soju (5,000won/person). – SeoulEats

That’s less than $7.50 for as much beer as you can possibly drink. Sure, the owner requests you order some food, but you could be a dick if you wanted. And since several people have complained about not being able to use Google, soju is a distilled spirit similar to vodka, and 5,000won is only $4.59. Talk about a steal. This isn’t the only place to score free drinks, but it appears to be the cheapest. Let it be a guide for the next time you go in and try to bargain with a bar manager because you’re broke. I’m absolutely certain it will work for you. Show him this post if he doesn’t buy it.

If you have enough drinks, maybe you’ll end up like this chick:


Tip of the 맥주 mug to my only friend in South Korea, Pat