Chris Brown ‘Don’t Think They Know’ video featuring Aaliya



Aaliya is featured on the single and even makes an appearance in the official video for Chris Brown ‘Don’t Think They Know.’ Some people are furious, but I’m more confused than anything.

The song is clearly about Chris Brown and Rihanna, right? I mean that seems pretty clear to me. Even Aaliya’s verse could relate to Rihanna. “I do more than sing now. I model now. Actin’ now. Plus I got my own movie now.” Rihanna may not have her own movie, per se, but she’s been in a couple.

So if the song is about how we don’t understand Breezy and RiRi’s love, what does that have to do with kids getting shot? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of kids dying either, I just don’t get how this song relate. It makes sense in terms of the video itself, just not the song. If we all love each other like those two do the world will be a safer and more peaceful place? Somehow that doesn’t seem like a message most people are going to buy. Maybe I’m way off base here though.

Buzzfeed points out that people are pissed about Aaliya’s image being used in the video. One – I’m not sure that’s actually Aaliya and not someone in the same costumes meant to look like her. Two – stop calling it a hologram. Just because it’s bluish-green, wavy and hazy doesn’t make it a hologram. Last time I check that wasn’t 3D. It’s just an image overlaid on a wall.

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