In case people didn’t hate clowns enough, now they’re committing crimes

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Most people have a love/hate relationship with clowns. People who make a living portraying clowns love them and the rest of the world pretty much hates them.

In case you didn’t hate the painted-face jokers enough, there is a group of criminals terrorizing Manchester, England dressed as clowns.

Disguised with colourful wigs and white facepaint, smiling crooks carried out bogus charity collections, vandalised property and even carried out robberies, an FOI has revealed. In one of the most serious incidents, recorded in Stockport last November, a man dressed as a clown threatened someone with a knife to steal their bicycle.

Another guy got into a fight on the street with a clown who cut him off in traffic. The clown pulled up to a traffic light and fifty of his friends jumped out of the car and tried to fight the man.

According to the story, professional clowns “have condemned the more sinister incidents, which they fear are giving their occupation a bad name.” Um, attention Daisy and Bingo, your profession had a bad name already.

Police in the area are asking citizens to report any suspicious clown behavior immediately. Can a person be reported just for dressing up like a clown or is that profiling?

No laughing matter: Bizarre spate of clown-related crimes reported across region [Manchester Evening News]

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