Coors Light claims to have the world’s most refreshing can

Coors Light has always focused on their packaging, often times being first to the latest gimmick. Now they claim to have the world’s most refreshing can, which includes a new double-vented wide mouth. Big breweries all seem to be devoting a lot of time towards improving their beer cans. I guess when you aren’t constantly brewing new beers you have a lot of time to kill.

Coors Light could claim that their double-vented wide mouth is intended to release more aroma like the new cans from Sam Adams and Sly Fox. I think we all know it’s so that you drink faster though. That’s the whole point of the super cold is better campaign. Drink faster; taste less. Don’t get me wrong, I love drinking a dozen Coors Lights in the summer, but cold activated mountains and two-stage cold indicators are just a way to make you assume it’s your fault if the beer wasn’t good.

At least Budweiser admitted they just wanted to do something cool when it came to their bowtie can.