They couldn’t hold up this woman anymore—so they just dropped her

keg stand fail

Every week we’ll take a look at some of your favorite female celebs, models and hot chicks in the news and present them to you in glorious GIF form.

25 They call these boob-ups

24 She’s quite buoyant

22 Cue Baywatch music

21 I also appreciate the spiral staircase here

20 So, Mariah Carey wardrobe malfunction eh?

19 All Jennifer Lawrence all the time

18 McKayla Maroney’s everywhere these days

17 Rachel McAdams is single y’all!

16 Michelle Jenneke looking good

Hottest thing in sports right now?

15 Your amateur stripping needs some work

14 She’s just so bouncy

13 AWKWARD you guys

12 This is the devil tempting you

11 Natalie Portman

Check out Natalie Portman’s new photoshoot this week.

10 Amazing ‘Deal with it’

Here are some more amazing ‘deal with it’ GIFs.

9 I mean, that’s just amazing

8 Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere shows that being sexy has no height requirement

7 The good ol’ stink face

6 The hot chick in the AXE astronaut commercial

5 Fainting on live television looks like fun

4 Sadly, Helen Hunt did not win an Oscar for this line

3 Did you catch this week’s workout GIFs?

2 These are like kegels

1 And on that note…