Curt Schilling — ‘I have mouth cancer’ and chewing tobacco is the reason

via Wikipedia Commons

via Wikipedia Commons

Curt Schilling just can’t catch a break.

Schilling, announcing just in June he was in remission from cancer, admitted he’s also battling mouth cancer.

Schilling was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth back in February but stayed quiet on the subject until now. The former Phillies, Diamondbacks and Red Sox great found out about the issue in an incredibly odd way. Schilling saw a doctor about a dog bite wound on his finger and during the exam the doctor felt a lump in Schilling’s neck.

Schilling went through weeks of chemo and said it “hurt like hell.” He’s placing the blame 100% on chewing tobacco.

“I’ll go to my grave believing that [chewing tobacco] was why I got what I got …¬†absolutely, no question in my mind about that. The pain that I was in going through this treatment, the second or third day it was the only thing in my life that had that I wish I could go back and never have dipped. Not once. It was so painful.”

And this is a dude who pitched with a busted ankle. Allegedly.

[via TMZ]

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