Curt Schilling’s foray into game development, summed up in 7 minutes

The biggest story in 2012 to involve both video games and sports is how Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios went belly up in a most epic fashion. And for those who still aren’t clear on the facts, just watch the following.

Via ReasonTV…

I first wrote about the matter back in May, and to be honest, I was completely unaware of how severe the situation was as a whole, plus how badly Schilling (along with Governor Donald Carcieri) had dropped the ball. Along with the death of studio, sadly, was seen a mile away by some.

Given all the facts that have been presented, Schilling’s attitude towards Carcieri’s successor, specifically his unwillingness to waste even more tax payer money on a video game company, is all the crappier.

I’m no baseball fan, but I am aware of Schilling’s accomplishments. Though I’m also beginning to understand why he’s so vehemently hated as well.