Dad turns kid’s bed into interactive rocket but something about this story pisses me off

by 5 years ago

First, the story, then I’ll get on my soapbox.

It’s a large soapbox. I order a tremendous amount of soap.

Jeff Highsmith built an “interactive bed” to replicate the Apollo space craft for his young son. I’m not sure bed time is the best time to encourage a child get interactive with flashing lights and other things to keep him awake until dawn but this ain’t my kid so I’ll but out.

Here’s Jeff’s discription of the project in the latest issue of Make magazine.

“It has a control panel full of interesting displays and whiz-bang space sounds. A joystick controls lights and sounds for the engine and thrusters. The payload bay has a motorized hatch and contains a robot arm that can be remotely operated over video feed to deploy payloads like toy satellites. Headsets provide an audio link between the spacecraft and Mission Control in the other room, so my sons can practice collaborating on their space missions.”

Dad built an awesome bed. Kid loves it. Happily ever after. Roll credits. Good for Jeff, he’s making his son happy, which is the most important fact.

My issue is actually with the opening paragraph to this tale, as written on

First off, there is no Dad of the Year Award, because I would have already won it numerous times but my real beef is with this dude winning for building a bed. Really? Carpentry will snag an award that, if real, would celebrate the raising of children? Forget fathers who take their sons to cancer treatment, sit in the stands for every game, practice and sporting event, spend hours teaching their daughters math, history or any other subject that have no business teaching another human about or the dad who raise multiple children alone.

This guy wins. Close the awards. He can make a fucking bed glow in the dark.

[via People]