Dan Colman doesn’t look like a guy who just won $15 million

Dan Colman Poker

Daniel Colman, a 23-year-old professional poker player, is $15 million dollars heavier today.

Colman won the One Drop tournament last month in Las Vegas with the finals being aired last night on ESPN — the Worldwide Leader in televised poker tournaments.

Colman pulled a straight to beat competitors Daniel Negreanu’s two pair. Colman is a $14 million dollar man (minus the $1 million dollar entrance fee) but the dude reacts like he just picked the long line at a fast food joint.

I get it — poker face plus a sense of relief for not vomiting on the horribly carpeted floor of a casino on national television but at least smile man. Fifteen million dollars is life changing dough. Think how many more open neck shirts Colman can buy for that much scratch.

[via The Big Lead]

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