Two Bros Camping In Death Valley Are Shocked To Find Themselves In The Middle Of F18 Training Exercises



These two dudes roadtripping their way through Death Valley were shocked when they pulled over to take a photo of the canyon and were subsequently treated to an F18 air show.

I really wanted to hate these guys for how excited they were over virtually nothing, but when the one dude screamed out ‘Murica I knew I couldn’t hate them, it just wouldn’t be fair, they’re bringing death from above painted in our nation’s beautiful stars & stripes.

The closeup footage of the F18’s starts at around 2:29 if you’re looking for that.

The beauty of this footage is that by the time we’re halfway through the video you KNOW those pilots have realized there’s are campers there and they’re HAM-ing it up for the cameras. Isn’t part of being a fighter pilot showing the world how badass you are?


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