Debatable decisions: Storming the court with wheelchair vs. John Fox’s cowardly kneel down

Two situations, two questionable decisions. Which one was ultimately the worst?

<span class="spanlistitem"Storming the court in your wheelchair

In the pantheon of bad college decisions, storming the court in your wheelchair ranks slightly ahead of Dare Dorm sextape for beer money. Following NC State’s upset win over Duke Saturday, thousands of fans rushed the court, including a man in a wheelchair, Will Privette. The Wolfpack senior tumbled in the melee and a throng of feet came dangerously close to stomping him.

Luckily, CJ Leslie spotted Privette amidst the crowd and carried him to safety.

I applaud Privette’s enthusiasm and understand the need to be “one of the first out there” but that had disaster written all over it. That being said, this seems like a one-time thing and as Privette posted on Twitter, “YOLO.” Can’t argue with that.

It also gave me an opportunity to make this GIF.

The John Fox kneel down



Two timeouts, 31 seconds and you don’t even attempt a play? John Fox’s cowardly kneel down was tantamount to waving the white flag. The decision looked even worse when 24 hours later the Falcons (in the same situation) drove into field goal range with 25 seconds left.

In this day and age of eating prevent defenses alive, Peyton Manning deserved a shot. He deserved a chance to win that game in regulation. Four plays and maybe 45 yards—certainly not improbable against any defense, let alone one that looked as beat up as the Ravens.

This decision will haunt Fox and Broncos fan for quite some time.

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