Dodger Stadium offers frozen foam to keep beer cold

Kirin found a way to keep beers colder for longer at the Dodger Stadium. They add a layer of of frozen foam on top of each pint, which keeps beer cold for up to 30 minutes. That’s just about how long LA fans stay at the game.

While I love beer innovation, especially when it comes to frozen agitation to keep it cold, there is an easier way to ensure your beer is cold. Drink it faster. You’re never going to complete the 9-9-9 challenge if you’re spending 30 minutes on each beer. Even baseball isn’t THAT slow.

Kirin isn’t the only company using frozen toppers to keep drinks cold. McDonald’s Japan just released this commercial in which ice cream is added to the top of some sort of fruit beverage. Nothing like a little rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets first shot at mango and who is stuck with blueberry.