Drunk man grabs cheerleader’s butt during game, gets arrested

Getting drunk at high school football games and grabbing cheerleaders’ butts is no way to go through life. A 40-year-old Georgia man was arrested Friday night after he grabbed a 15-year-old girl’s butt in a state of creepy, drunken stupidity.

The man had been spotted before taking pics of cheerleaders at games and was not arrested. The whole thing is disturbing.

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Swiney said school administrators told officials Alford had to be escorted out of a game once before for allegedly taking pictures of the cheerleaders. When the cheerleader who Alford allegedly grabbed saw him, she remembered him from that incident, Swiney said.

“We took him into custody and found where he had brought his own chair to the game to sit in and had a small backpack with him, and he had some alcohol in his backpack,” Swiney said. “You could tell he was a little intoxicated. There’s no doubt that he had been consuming alcohol.”

So this guy was sitting by himself, boozing it up at a football game and nobody thought to ask him what he was doing? Nobody was like, “hey, what’s that guy doing stumbling around with a fifth of Popov?”

Weird and gross. More so the latter.