Cops find drunk passed out wearing the craziest outfit of all time

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Every once in a while it’s possible to get out of a drunk driving ticket. If you’re sneaky enough. This guy = ain’t so sneaky. 

Bryan Hill, 24, was lounging behind the wheel of his 2013 Honda, just blocking traffic like any normal dude does at four in the morning. The cops showed up and found Bryan in a slightly odd situation.

As detailed by a cop, Hill, seen in the adjacent mug shot, was “wearing only a t-shirt, underwear and one sock.” The officer added that Hill “did have pants on, but they were on his arms. Both arms were inserted into the legs of his jeans.”

Hill was arrested for public intoxication and obstructing traffic. No word on whether the cops let him put on his clothes correctly.

Cops: Drunk Motorist Was Wearing Pants As Shirt When Found Passed At Wheel [The Smoking Gun]

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