Off-duty fireman fights flaming truck tire with beer


What would you do if you saw an 18-wheeler on fire? Probably whip out your camera. Thankfully one off-duty firefighter in Texas is smarter than you.

Normally when I picture a tire fire it’s a giant pile like in The Simpsons. In this case, the tire was actually still attached to a functioning truck which apparently belongs to Ghost Rider. Luckily Capt. Craig Moreau thought to ask what the driver had in the trailer.

Unlike Frank Galikanokus hauling fake soap, the driver of this truck had a full load of beer on board. The two men then shook cans of beer and sprayed the fire until it was extiguished. This might be the first documentated case of a party foul being used for good.

As I’m sure you’re curious, it was Coor’s Banquet beer that saved the day.

via Houston Chronicle