Elaborate divorce parties are now a thing

In America, there are nearly 2,402 divorces per day, 16,865 divorces per week and 877,000 divorces a year and one divorce every 36 seconds. So by the time you have read the first couple of sentences in this article there will have been a once happy couple getting divorced. There’s nearly a 50/50 chance that if you’re getting married that you’ll get divorced. Getting divorced is a critical event in your life, so why shouldn’t people put as much time, effort and money into their divorce celebrations. The average wedding price was $28,427 in 2013, so you might as well splurge on making your divorce celebration an event you’ll never forget.

First you’re going to need decorations for your divorce party.


You’re going to need commemorative souvenirs for people attending your festive gala.


Then you’re going to need an over-the-top cake that promotes the death of your former spouse, usually by a bloody strawberry-flavored beheading.



  You know it’s a posh event when there are sashes involved.


Camo hats with cheeky sayings is the only way to fill the void of an ex-lover.


Nothing says “I’m so over you,” quite like eating copious amounts of pig.


You paid for her wedding dress, so you might as well get some mileage out of it.


Watch out ladies when a sexy beast gets released back into the wild.


Why not let your kids know that mommy and daddy hate each other and it’s probably their fault by picking them up from school in this snazzy divorce mobile.


Meanwhile some people’s divorce parties are a little less extravagant.

Via HuffPo