Conservationists want to know how four elephants ended up addicted to heroin

Drug Elephants

It’s hard to tell how a person gets hooked on drugs.

It’s especially hard to tell how an elephant gets hook. I wonder if it’s easy to spot a druggie elephant though. “That elephant is smoking some crazy shit because he’s acting a fool today!”

Yes, elephants can get hooked on drugs, but like I said, figuring out HOW is the hard part.

Four elephants who were addicted to HEROIN are now “clean” thanks to a drug-treatment programme, conservationists say. The group have had to go cold turkey at an elephant breeding centre in south west China but are now ready to rejoin elephant society.

Campaigners say cruel drug dealers use turned the elephants into junkies by feeding them bananas laced with heroin. The tactic makes the wild animals much easier to control as they are desperate for the next fix.

Well that answers my question as to how they know an elephant is on drugs. Now, about the intervention.

Elephant walks into room. Whole family seated around table. Man introduces himself.

“Hello, Peanuts, I’m Dr. Johnson. You’re family called me here today because…”

Elephant stomps out of room

[via The Mirror]