Guy calls fiancee to let her know he’s dead and the wedding is off

Tucker Blandford did not want to get married.

Instead of doing the smart thing, the manly thing, of ditching his girl at the alter and never answering her calls or texts he took the coward’s way out — he faked his own death.

23-year-old Brit Alex Lanchester was heartbroken when she received a phone call from someone claiming to be the father of her fiance Tucker Blandford, who told her that the love of her life had been killed in a car accident in America just months before their big day.

After taking time to digest the horrific news, she rang Tucker’s parents back to express her condolences, only to be told he was alive and well.

“Hello, Alex? This is Tucker’s dad. Tucker’s dead. Don’t call back, we won’t answer. Good talk.” (click)Alright, it wasn’t that bad, but it was close. “Tucker’s dad” told the girl he was suffering from depression and threw himself in front of a car.

The bride-to-be was in a state of shock and called her future husband’s mom to express her condolences. Mom was all “the f*ck you talking about?”

But, when she called Tucker’s mum in America, not only did Tucker’s mother not have a clue what Alex was talking about – she also knew nothing of the planned wedding. Alex quickly realised the extent of her boyfriend’s deception.

Seriously dude, you lived a WORLD AWAY, just block her number.

[Death and Taxes via Metro]

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