Fantasy football tips, crazy Russia GIFs, Chelsie Aryn and more are winning the Internet today

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11 Disrespectful Things Sports Fans Do

Bleacher Report

Little tip to sports fans: Don’t be an idiot.
Disrespectful Things Fans Do

Fantasy Football: Things You Should Know

The Big Lead

Rookies can break your heart so tread carefully.
Breaking Down the Risk and Reward of Rookie Running Backs

Valid Assessment


Chelsie Aryn Needs to be on Your Radar

SI Extra Mustard

A country girl who loves motorcycles, bad boys, and MMA? Hell to the yeah.
Hot Clicks: A look at Sharks in Sports, Plus the Hot Chelsie Aryn

GIFs That Show Why Driving in Russia is Insane

Caveman Circus

God love ’em for having dashboard cams though.
A Few GIFs Showing You Why You Should Avoiding Driving in Russia

How to Sneak Into a Hotel Pool Party

Melanie Elyza Wears the Best Shirts

Gorilla Mask

Trust me when I say you need to see the rest of this picture.
Melanie Elyza (NSFWish)

Summer Toys You Wish You Could Afford


Buy a house or this hovercraft? Tough call.
10 Summer Toys You Wish You Could Afford

Valeria Yapanova is So Freaking Hot


How have we never heard of her before today?
Model at Midnight: Valeria Yapanova

She Does Not Speak For Everyone


Ways Dorm Life is Like Prison Life


Other than the fact that the rooms kind of look like prison.
5 Ways Dorm Life is Like Prison Life

Mariza Villar Videos That’ll Make You Say WOW

Girls in Yoga Pants

Hope you have some time to kill, because damnnnn.
Mariza Villar is the Real Deal (6 Videos)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Most Beastly Rides


He truly is an American hero.
The 10 Beastly Rides of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bailey Nortje Is Really Good-Looking

Fox Sports Buzzer

Again, how are we just now discovering her today?
Fan’s Beer Destroyed by Home Run; Bailey Nortje is Fox-y

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

SI Extra Mustard

Fail GIFs, ‘Game of Thrones’ quotes, Bar Paly and more!