Faploid turns all your dirty tabs into a dirty magazine

If you’re a news junkie or just somebody who has a lot of websites to browse, and likes to do it in a magazine style, you probably have Flipboard installed on your tablet.



Human urges, for both reproduction and large amounts of money, being what they are, it was really only a matter of time before somebody applied this idea to the Internet’s main reason for existing. It’s called, of course, Faploid. But there’s reason to be a wee bit skeptical, here.

Faploid essentially claims to get you all the high-quality smut you can handle presented in magazine form. How, precisely? Basically “something something algorithms something something large amounts of providers”. Essentially the Faploid team filters the literally millions of pieces of whacking material that hit the Internet every single day, weed out the virus bombs, pop-ups, and other de-facto sexually transmitted computer diseases of the Internet age, and present you with just the stuff you want.

How, precisely, they get around paywalls and other issues isn’t clear. Also not clear is how they’ll make money; we’re assuming with ads. Also also not clear is how they’ll get this into the iOS ecosystem, considering how terrified Apple is of anything that could remotely be construed as porn. Currently the service is in closed beta, but it will apparently be unleashed soon.

There’s Now A Flipboard for Porno and It’s Called Faploid [BetaBeat]