FC Barcelona spied on Shakira and Gerard Pique

FC Barcelona was so concerned about Gerard Pique’s relationship with Shakira that they hired a detective agency to spy on him. Just another reminder that soccer in Europe is completely f-cked up.

The spying occurred in 2010 before the couple’s relationship turned serious.

According to reports from the Spanish news website El Confidencial, Metodo 3 trailed Pique in 2010 to see how much time he was spending partying. Detectives were said to have logged the number of drinks he consumed and the time he arrived home in September that year after he went to a pop concert, the paper reports.

Pique eventually caught wind of somebody following him and informed the club. They, in turn, blamed those nasty tabloid folks. Makes sense. The couple’s now happily married and earlier this year Shakira gave birth to a boy named Milan.

Way to call that one Barcelona. I’m beginning to think that whole spying thing was a ruse to get a closer look at Shakira because, HIPS!