Florida woman learns the hard way she isn’t Cinderella, causes mayhem

Listen ladies, no matter how deep your princess fantasy runs you need to remember one thing: you cannot control birds with your whistling.

Oh really, hitting the pipe, eh? I guess that would explain the actions of this Englewood, FL resident. The story goes that she pulled over to rescue a distressed bird, then proceeded to cause traffic accidents when all hell broke loose.

Wink News reports:

Just before the crash, the driver of a Ford sedan stopped on Sunnybrook Blvd. to pick up the injured bird, which was on the side of the road. After picking up the bird, the driver said that the bird got loose inside her car and got tangled in her hair, which caused her to panic and run a red light. She was found at fault, but no citations were issued.

It actually breaks my heart strings that there isn’t a video of this incident. In this wondrous age of dashboard cams and GoPro’s, we couldn’t have a camera on hand to watch this lady lose it in her car when a woodpecker tried to make a nest in her hair? Is it all for naught?

In related news, she confirmed far too many ‘female driver’ stereotypes for me to comment on here, so I’ll just leave that be for now. I like you Florida, but you crazy.


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