Freetail Brewing wants you to buy them a delivery Lamborghini


Freetail Brewing’s Scott Metzger is not a fan of Kickstarter. To prove his point, he tried to crowd-fund a delivery Lamborghini for the brewery. It’s easily the best Kickstarter campaign I’ve seen.

Just got an email from Kickstarter, say they were rejecting my project. This is especially disappointing considering how awesome my project would have been.

I guess I’ll have to rely on funding our business the “old fashioned” way of using our own money.


As I pointed out this morning with Zane Lamprey’s Kickstarter campaign for the drinking show Chug, the most important thing for me is that I get something real in return. I’m not trying to fund your project just because no one else will (with the exception of Detroit’s RoboCop statue). I want an album or an awesome growler keg for my money. Freetail’s rejected Kickstarter campaign makes it clear as day how big of a scam some of the other campaigns are. Crowd-funding is a great idea, but there will always be people who try to game the system for free money.

Definitely read through the campaign. Metzger’s rewards are great, and he makes a perfect case for why he needs you to buy him a Lamborghini to deliver his kegs. Freshness is paramount!