‘Friends’ reunion is fake; here’s what happened


This is the second time in six months that rumors of a Friends reunion have swept across the internet faster than the new Man of Steel trailer. It’s not happening though – not now, not ever.

Matthew Perry first debunked this rumor last Thanksgiving, and I’m happy he did. NBC has also confirmed that there is no reunion in store. I loved the show but have no interest in seeing them all together again. Why? What purpose would that serve? So you can see them hanging out at a backyard BBQ with their husbands/wives and kids? That would be terrible. I like to remember them the way they were in ’04. If you really need to follow up with all your favorite cafe denizens though, here’s what has happened since the show stopped almost 10 years ago.

  • We wasted 10 years of our lives watching Ross and Rachel go back and forth with their love, and I couldn’t care less what happened in the last 10 years. I gave up on them long ago. Odds are they got married, had two kids, and got divorced because she cheated on Ross with Joey. Story line complete.
  • Joey lands a TV show which manages to eke out a couple seasons even though it’s terrible. He’s at a low point in his life just after the show is cancelled, and ends up pity banging Rachel. He then moves to Hollywood and never speaks to her again.
  • Phoebe got married to Paul Rudd, so her life is suddenly completely uninteresting.
  • The series ended with Monica and Chandler adopting two kids and moving to the suburbs, so who cares what became of them. You probably have friends that spit out a couple kids and moved away. How often do you catch up with them? That’s right, never. Because no one cares about them anymore.

Series co-creator Marta Kauffman said that a reunion will never happen, so the next time someone jackal puts up a fake poster for Thanksgiving 2014, just go ahead and ignore it. Now let’s get back to focusing on a Saved by the Bell reunion!