‘Game of Thrones’ Inside the Red Wedding

The moment Game of Thrones fans have waited for has come and gone. Now get an inside look at “The Rains of Castamere” and the Red Wedding from HBO.

This episode caught me somewhat off-guard as a non-book reader, but this had to happened eventually. No shitty deed goes unpunished, and when I saw how tasty Edmure Tully’s young biscuit was, I knew shit was about to go down. I was secretly hoping for a Patriotesque burning of the building, but this was even better. To quote Marcus Burnett, “Shit just got real.”

It’s interesting to see writers and producers make sense of it all beyond, “Oh they had it coming.” While the breadth of story lines is starting to become a nuisance, I get more excited for the show with every passing episode. If this interview was any indication, next season should be explosive.