Giant train car built out of cake in Paddington Station

Paddington Station knows how to celebrate a birthday! They commissioned a train car to be built out of cake in the middle of the station to honor the Heathrow Express 15th Anniversary.

The enormous cake — measuring a huge 1.5 x 4 x 2m — consists of 15 ingredients including approximately 80 large sheets of delicious Madeira sponge, which laid end to end would be longer than the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool. These were sandwiched together using 60kgs of traditional buttercream icing, 3kgs of royal icing and over 200kgs of smooth fondant icing. The exterior was held together using a litre of confectioners glue and decorated using half a dozen litres of airbrush paint and 5 litres of liquid chocolate, chosen especially to create the windscreen wipers and intricate carriage markings and signage.

The even made mini versions to send to media outlets, which I imagine were devoured much more quickly than main attraction at Paddington Station.

More details and photos from Miss Cakehead

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