Watch Gina Carano destroy an entire bar while wearing a sexy little red dress

So we’ve seen the trailer for Gina Carano’s next film In the Blood and were capitvated by the brief look at her fight scene (SUPERMAN PUNCH!), but now we can revel in the entire scene and all it’s mind-blowing glory.

There truly isn’t anything missing here. Amazing punch sound effects, Gina breaking a guy’s arm with an armbar, fantastic upskirt shots of Gina, cat-fighting, it’s truly a cornucopia of bad/good. I am so seeing this movie.

Speaking of breaking arms with armbars, can we start a White House petition to get her back in the cage? She says she’s more than open to an MMA comeback and a fight with Ronda Rousey would break all MMA pay-per-view records. Hey, it makes more sense than that petition to get Bieber deported. Okay, no it doesn’t.

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H/T Cage Potato