Girl asks Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello to prom in video

Teenagers around the country are preparing for prom. A night where booze and dancing leads to awkward unbuttoning of clothing and fifteen seconds of pleasure. Or maybe that was just my prom experience.

Premature ejaculation aside, a Detroit area girl made a video asking Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello to prom. It’s not done very well. It’s in the theme of Call me Maybe but she called it Prom with me, Maybe? She won’t be writing headlines for the NY Post anytime soon.

I’ll refrain from making any more jokes because well, she’s still an innocent kid. A kid with a terrible idea for a video but a kid nonetheless. I’d much rather make fun of adults who have no idea how comedy works…but I digress.

Here is Bethany’s video.


Sadly Rick Porcello has turned our high school hero down saying: “I’m honored that you’d ask me to go to prom with you. Might be a little busy that night. Might have a game but you know, I wish I could. But thanks for the invitation and have a great time.”

That’s code for “I’m creeped out by your request but the Tigers made me respond.” But seriously Bethany have a good time. Just with someone your own age.

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