Girls high school basketball team pees in opponents’ cooler, your home for excretory system stories. In February, a girls high school basketball team in Missouri relieved themselves in an opponents’ cooler. The girls, four in all, were disciplined for what the school called an “inappropriate act.”

Monett High’s principal told parents in a letter last week that the four Cassville High players each urinated into a cup, then dumped the contents of one of the cups into the Monett team cooler at a Feb. 4 game in Cassville. The schools are located about 20 miles apart near the Missouri-Arkansas border.


It appears one student was adversely affected from the urine and had to see an infectious disease specialist. Ladies, this goes to show you that golden showers, while sexually pleasurable and humiliating, may also have negative health consequences. Contrary to what that R. Kelly enthusiast told you Friday night.

(via @JimmyTraina)