Google Chrome about to tell you what tab is screaming at you

We’ve all had it happen: We’ve got some tabs open, we’re doing our business on the Internet, and suddenly a tab you don’t have up drops the annoying ad audio bomb. And it’s never something normal, either, it’s always something at ear-splitting volume and the last thing a human being ever wants to hear, like “I NEVER KNEW HOW PAINFUL BURNING ANAL RASH COULD BE! THEN I GOT BURNING ANAL RASH!”.

Google is out to help you find that tab in Chrome and give it the closing it deserves.

The feature has turned up in Chromium, which is Google’s own open-source web browser that it tends to use to test out ideas before putting them into Chrome, and Canary, Google’s very, very bleeding edge version of Chrome. The feature is designed to single out what tabs are running when the browser runs out of memory, and this is what it looks like.

Man, we have never been so happy to see six frames of animation on a web browser. No word on when, or if, this feature will be incorporated, but it can’t come soon enough.

Google Chrome May Soon Have Audio Indicators [The Next Web]