Google’s Chromebook Pixel: Neat, but useless

As you may have heard, Google debuted a new laptop yesterday, the Chromebook Pixel. And it’s neat. But not $1300 neat. Here’s why you just don’t need one.


First of all, $1300 is a hell of a lot of money to ask for what’s essentially a tablet bolted to a keyboard. If that functionality looks neat, Google’s Nexus tablets and a Bluetooth keyboard should do you just fine, and you’ll save a thousand bucks.

Secondly, it runs Google’s Chrome OS, which is built entirely around the web. That’s cool if you’re building a cheap computer, but for $1300, you need a computer that doesn’t essentially break the minute you’re away from a WiFi connection.

Thirdly, that screen. Oh, Lord, that screen. Google insists a squarer aspect ratio is better for looking at content on the web. I think Google just dearly missed the clunky laptops of yesterday and made a screen out of nostalgia. But if you like watching movies or playing games, this will look like ass.

In short, it’s not worth $1300. Save yourself some money: Buy a tablet instead.

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