This guy’s 2nd grade diary is the best thing ever

The Happening Book

What kind of things were you doing in second grade? Find out. One of the cooler new Web sites we’ve seen lately is The Happening Book, where a dude from Los Angeles is scanning his 2nd grade diary and posting the pages 35 years after they happened. This was 1978, so it’s a lot of Star Wars and Japanese monster movies.

What makes it really work is the adult commentary after each entry – when his kid self watched an episode of Mork & Mindy, adult Chris watches the exact same episode and talks about it. When kid Chris talks about getting a toy, adult Chris finds pictures of it and remarks on how insanely crappy it looks today. It’s a pretty incredible chance to look at the truths of our childhood without the foggy lenses of nostalgia.

Check it out: The Happening Book.