Hang Around cooking utensils stay on the side of your pot

I cook at home a lot, and one of my more annoying problems is not having a place to put my utensils while using them. My choices are either to get crap all over the stove, where it will harden into a carbonous shellac, or on some sort of spoon rest, which no man owns because most of them are the most sickening cutesy crap you’ll see this side of Hello Kitty.


So Danish design shop Muuto decided to cut the crap and engineered a simple, direct solution.

The Hang Around set is a set of cooking utensils made of white beech. They’re not particularly spectacular except for one very simple design choice: There’s a notch, carved out of the bottom of each in about the middle of the utensil, that lets you just put the damn thing on the rim of the pot.

Seriously, that’s it, but that’s all it needs. OK, so they’re $42, but the first time you realize you don’t have to scrub hardened pasta sauce off your stove, or discover a spoon has fallen into your mashed potatoes, you’re going to realize they were worth every penny.

Hang Around [Finnish Design Shop]