Heat-sensitive furniture tells you exactly where the warm spot is

We’ve all looked, on a cold day, for the warmest place to sit in a coffee shop or bar. Which like it or not is usually where somebody else’s ass has just been. But, if you really like this, you can invest in furniture which takes the guesswork out of where someone else has recently been.

Jay Cutler Design

Sadly lacking in fart detection, Jay Cutler’s design “Linger a Little Longer” is nonetheless fairly neat. The oak furniture, a table and bench, are thermochromatic: That is, they change color when exposed to heat.

…OK, remember mood rings? It’s like that. The warmer you get, the more the color of the table changes.

The idea of the piece is to emphasize the “mark” we leave after the entertaining is done and the guests have left, or some other abstract hippie nonsense. In reality, it’s just really freaking neat to have a color changing table.

And even better, it’s solid wood, not some cheap pressboard or other IKEA furniture. So even when the novelty of owning a color changing table wears off, you’ll still have an awesome table.

Linger A Little Longer [Jay Cutler Design]