Here’s the next set of Marvel movies

Doctor Strange

Marvel Comics

We’re getting into the B-listers here, but who knows? Maybe they can make it work. Obviously Disney is expecting to milk mad cash out of everything Star Wars in the coming years, but they’re not going to neglect Marvel after The Avengers printed a billion dollars for the studio. What made the Marvel “cinematic universe” work so far is the little background details that connected each film – if you didn’t notice them, it was no big deal, but for the hardcore geeks it was like sweet, sweet candy. And then when they brought all the threads together with The Avengers, it worked. Compare that to DC’s struggle to build an audience for anything except Batman.

The big Marvel names already have sequels coming – Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are slated to hit in the next few years, leading into The Avengers 2. And then there’s the wildcard that is Guardians Of The Galaxy. But Disney obviously wants to reach deep into the company’s roster and get some other players up on the big screen. With Spider-Man still property of Sony and the X-Men over at Fox, Disney’s looking at some… lesser heroes.

Disney’s Kevin Feige did an interview with MTV where he talked about “Phase Three” of the company’s film slate. That phase starts with Edgar Wright’s long-awaited Ant-Man film. Wright has been attached to the character, who can shrink to diminutive size and communicate with ants, since about 2005, but the project has been stalled. Now all systems are go and it’s set to hit in November of 2015, officially starting “Phase Three.”

The buzzword for these flicks is that they’ll explore “different corners” of the Marvel universe, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Feige mentions a film for Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme. Who else do you think will make the cut? I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Hulk reboot in there as well.