Holy crap, ‘Twin Peaks’ might be coming back?


This is the best and weirdest TV news of 2013. It’s hard to communicate how totally out of the blue Twin Peaks was. In the days before shows like Lost, nighttime dramas were either dumb action shows like The A-Team or soap operas like Falcon Crest. These shows existed in a well-lit world of simple plotlines and easily-understood characters. And then April 8, 1990, everything changed. David Lynch’s first foray into television was a weird and wonderful cult hit, and when it died after two seasons (and a follow-up movie) people were pretty sad.

Well, if this totally unconfirmed rumor is to be believed, Twin Peaks could be on its way back to television. A post on 4Chan (which is not the most reliable source, all things considered) alleges that David Lynch has met with NBC executives to bring a third season of the show back to the airwaves. The post states that Season 3 will take place 25 years after the end of Season 2 and deal with Agent Cooper’s possession by the malevolent spirit Bob in the Black Lodge. Star Kyle MacLachlan has also stated that he wants to return to the role of Agent Dale Cooper.

Although this really does seem like spitballing right now, there are a few reasons to believe that this might actually happen. Sci-Fi Now Magazine did an interview with show co-creator Mark Frost a little bit ago where he said that he and Lynch have spoken about continuing the show several times. The connecting thread? 25 years later – that’s when the original series’ dream sequence with Cooper, the dwarf, and Laura Palmer in the Black Lodge was set.

Interestingly enough, Twin Peaks also hit Hulu – which is owned by NBC – the same day as Lynch’s alleged meeting with the network. What do you think? Is Twin Peaks coming back? And does the network even have the balls to put a show this weird on the air?