Hooking up with your neighbor: A do or a don’t?

Sexy couple image by Shutterstock

Remember Quin, the girl who snapped at a guy for breaking up with her over text message while the whole Internet called her crazy? She’s now doing a regular advice column here at Guyism because you love her so. Today she tackles hooking up with the guy/girl next door.

A few months ago, I bought a new place and went about the arduous task of moving. During that agonizing process, one thing did seem to ameliorate the pain lugging chandeliers and chaises up dozens of steps. The building is 90% attractive male tenants, all seemingly single or at least not living with a girlfriend.

It makes sense. Real estate is cray in DC right now, and many single women won’t buy because they often believe it throws off the power structure in potential relationships. Additionally, the condos aren’t large enough to house a family, so the average resident appears to be one of these unattached strapping male professionals making sound investments. Don’t mind if I do.

After a particularly rambunctious evening, I woke to find a note under my door: “I found $17 outside your door and didn’t want someone to take it. Knock anytime. PS welcome to the ‘hood.” It was signed by new neighbor, along with his condo number and email address. I had no idea who he was, but my imagination concocted all kinds of sensitive, caring Brawny Man-esque types. I set out to meet him (oh, and to retrieve my <$20).

An attractive mid-30s man opened the door. After explaining who I was, he headed into his place to get the money. And then he invited me in for a drink. That’s just being neighborly, right?

We engaged in some non-neighborly activities later that evening before I headed home (three doors down). Spending the night would have been fun, but then I remembered the unbearable awkwardness of dorm hookups in college. I’d (ostensibly) matured since then; shouldn’t I be making more grown-up decisions?

It’s much more enjoyable to keep the mystery brewing. I’ve been very tempted take him up on his offers for some more legitimate outings. However, we’ll keep things friendly for the sake of the long run. I’ll keep politely turning him down.

For now.