What if hot girls tried picking up other hot girls like men do

For the most part nature has embedded genetic coding in men that makes them brash and the more aggressive sex when seeking out a partner. While women are more coy and generally prefer to be hunted. However what if we flip the script and turn an attractive woman into the hunter and she is hunting other sexy girls. This is the premise of this great video by the beautiful prankster Andrea Wendel (The same girl who went around asking guys if they’d have sex with her). She boldly goes up to unsuspecting girls and like a guy, just flat-out asks them for their phone number so they can go out on a date. Most of the women are flattered and while some say they don’t “go that way,” others play out every man’s lipstick lesbian fantasy and swap digits for a future date. One girl who accepted Andrea’s advances had a boyfriend and she said her boyfriend would be “Okay with it.” The problem with that is that I am not the boyfriend who will be reaping the threesome benefits of this viral video.