HP building a dirt-cheap Android tablet

The problem with most cheap Android tablets is that they come from no-name manufacturers that have no idea what they’re doing. I own a few, and I mostly use them to play with the cat. But HP is looking to give the cheap tablet market a boost with its own entry.



The Slate 7’s biggest selling points are the fact that it costs $170, $30 below Google’s market-defining Nexus 7 and Amazon’s janky but OK for grandma Kindle Fire, and that it has Beats Audio incorporated into it, which apparently will really make a difference once you plug some headphones into the thing.

Oh, yeah, it also has wireless printing capability from most applications, but if you own a printer that you use on a regular basis, you are likely too old to understand tablets.

The trade-offs are the screen won’t be as sharp, you won’t get as much storage, and the processor is a dual core instead of quad-core chip.

So, basically, if you need a cheap tablet for some reason, or just aren’t willing to part with thirty extra bucks for the best Android tablet on the market, you finally have options that aren’t from Coby.

Slate 7 Preview [Gizmodo]