‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ – the musical


Trey Parker isn’t the only one who thinks Broadway is for bros. Tucker Max’s New York Times #1 best selling book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is being made into a stage play.

Tucker Max may have never been in a fraternity, but it’s no secret that bros are his biggest fans. The question is, will they go see I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway? My guess is yes. Almost the entire non-hipster male population of New York City is comprised of retired frat guys. And if there is one thing frat guys love, it’s reliving the glory days.

Aside from having penned the original book, Max has absolutely nothing to do with the show. Here’s what he said he knows about the soon-to-be hit play:

1. You can drink there: They will serve beer at the theater: Seriously, full bar during all performances.

2. It’s ripped directly from the book: Unlike the movie, the play is very true to the book; dialogue, characters, scenes, etc, are all almost the same. I have no idea how he’s going to pull some of this off, but he’s going to try.

3. I’m not involved at all beyond source material: Kit raised the money to do the play, cast it, designed it, and directed it completely without any creative feedback from me. I literally have no idea where he’s going to take this. He’s never asked, I’ve never offered

I probably won’t be making a special trip to New York just to see I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway, but if I happen to be there I will definitely be buying a ticket. Like I said, frat guys love to relive their glory days.

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