Insane police chase makes its way to golf course

by 5 years ago

This is an actual conversation I had with someone about a police chase on a golf course. It’s both hilarious and nonsensical.

Friend: “Hey, did you see that police chase on the golf course?
Me: “The what?”
Friend: “The police chase on a golf course?”
Me: “Like, police were chasing a guy in a golf cart?”
Friend: “No. A police chase with cars man”
Me: “So the police were in golf carts—and the guy was running around the course?”
Friend: “A guy in a truck was getting chased by police.”
Me: “So there were no golf carts involved?”
Friend: “No, why are you so interested in the golf carts?
Me: “I don’t know. This story doesn’t really make sense.”
Friend: “There was a guy in his truck and he was getting chased by police. They somehow made their way to the golf course. And then they drove down the middle of the fairway.”
Me: “Wait, start over. I don’t understand.”

There’s probably lot of details to this case, a lot of things important to the overall story. But frankly, I don’t care. I just want to know why golf carts weren’t involved.

[It’s Always Sunny in Detroit]

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