Instant karma GIFs, WTF signs, Lucy Hale and more are winning the Internet today

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

39 Instant Karma GIFs


Because it’s Monday.
39 Reasons Why Instant Karma is Best Served in GIF Form

Signs That Will Make Your Head Spin

The Chive

I want to be on this school’s PTA.
Signs That Will Make Your Head Spin (34 Photos)

Well She is Flawless


Lucy Hale is One Underrated Little Hottie

SI Extra Mustard

And did we mention SI Swimsuit Models?
Hot Clicks: SI Swimsuit Models Invade Brooklyn Plus Lucy Hale

Diseases You Might Catch Traveling Abroad


And more importantly, how to avoid them.
6 Diseases You Might Catch While Traveling Abroad

How to Plan a Wedding in 10 Steps (The Honest Version)


Lauren Has Got One Hell of a Booty on Her

Gorilla Mask

Don’t believe me? Take a look.
Lauren (NSFWish)

Monday Motivation

Caveman Circus

Beyonce’s performance just isn’t enough.
You’ll Need a Proper Dose of Motivation to Deal With Monday

Diana Morales is So Hot It Hurts


She’s got to be in my top 10 sexiest women in the world.
Model at Midnight: Diana Morales

We Approve of This Fashion Trend


Mara Martin is Almost Too Hot

Fox Sports Buzzer

She needs to be on your radar like yesterday.
LeGrand’s Surprising Beyonce Joke during VMAs; Mara Martin is Fox-y

First World Problems: Football Edition

Bleacher Report

Are you ready to hear some of these in the coming months?
First World Problems: Football Edition