Instructables: An app with instructions to do anything yourself

Instructables is an incredibly useful website for building everything from Halloween costumes to stuff you’ll actually use. The one problem is that it’s a website, so it’s sometimes not easy to use with a smartphone or tablet.



The solution, of course, is an app.

The main advantage to the Instructables app is that it lays out the site fairly simply and easily. The layout is smartphone friendly and intuitive, and it makes it easy to follow along with the instructions when you’re building something from the site.

If I have a problem with it, it’s that some of the site’s search clunkiness has been ported over to the app. If you’re searching for something at least somewhat popular to build, like for example a wine rack or a toy robot, you’ll just get all the results dumped on the screen. There’s no real way to find the “best” method of doing something.

On the other hand, it replaces printing off a web page at work in order to put the instructions somewhere convenient, so really, it’s a major step up.

Instructables [iTunes]