It’s just like ‘Thrift Shop,’ except about video games

Plus another song that’s about video games and cats.

Confession: I am woefully out of touch when it comes to what’s popular in music, so I have no idea if anyone reading this is familiar with the original. But since Thrift Shop by by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis has about 60 million views, I’m assuming that some people are.

And to be honest, I almost wasn’t going to post the following, until the CDi Zelda games are whipped out, and all of a sudden, things became far more legit all of a sudden. And then when they mention the old slips for games that Toys R Us used to use and I instantly became a fan.

But I guess that’s how it works right? Isn’t one long-standing component of successful pop songs the “hey, I remember that too!” factor and plenty of it?

Back to my musical tastes; I guess I am somewhat hip to what’s popular. Like chiptunes, which is starting to finally break the mainstream. That’s original music performed via Game Boys and similar hardware, often with “real” instruments mixed in.

Anyone, here’s the latest from Anamanaguchi, one of the biggest acts from that world…