It’s ‘Star Wars Pinball’ starring Boba Fett

Given the popularity of Boba Fett, the Mandalorian bounty hunter, it’s a shock that he hasn’t starred in several games already. So a pinball game might not be the auspicious debut many were hoping for, but oh well.

Oh, and it features his new voice, from the prequel trilogy, though at this point, most diehard Star Wars fans in the 30s have long thrown in the towel. But anyway…

It’s the latest from Zen Studios, which produces a variety of virtual pinball games that are based upon big name properties, so it was only a matter of time in which they got their hands on Star Wars.

The game comes out tomorrow for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network. The initial download is free and comes packed with a single Star Wars themed table, with several others available via DLC/in-app purchase. Including the one above, though it’s pretty much a given that the one above will not be a freebie. Again, since everyone (still) loves Boba Fett.