Jagermeister’s giving you the chance to train with Freddie Roach

Freddie Roach and Jagermeister want to turn you into a machine with their new campaign to promote responsible drinking. A free trip to Vegas and training with a boxing legend? You shouldn’t miss this one.

You may ask, “Why should I care what Freddie Roach has to say?” He’s trained boxers like Manny Pacquiao, MMA stars like Anderson Silva, and now he can turn your shapeless mess of an existence into something worthwhile – along with some time to blow off some steam with three of your best friends in Las Vegas.

Get your Brother in Your Corner and enter to win the trip to Las Vegas by going to Facebook.com/JagerUSA. There you can upload a picture and briefly share a story about a time you had a brother’s back or he had yours for a chance to win. We can’t promise Freddie will take it easy on you.